Darren Surette is Acadianboy.


I am Acadianboy. I have been Acadianboy for a very long time. Since my days of living in Toronto, where some may actually remember me by that name.

I'm not a typical gay guy. I'm into Trance, House and Dance. I don't like stuck up people or people who put on airs. We all put our pants on one leg at a time as far as I am concerned. I believe in diversity and culture, and I love good humor. Sometimes sick humor but humor nonetheless.

My education is in Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, Business Administration and Social Media. All of my eduction was delivered in Ontario except for the Business Admin diploma I receieved from NSCC.

Acadianboy is a lot of things. And I hope to show you a few of the good sides of Acadianboy with some cool interviews and maybe some performances. For now though, I've put up a file that you can listen to, to get a feeling of what I'm about. Hope you enjoy.